The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has negatively impact foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to Africa and the rest of the world. 

It's going to take quite a bit of innovation and leadership to over come these challenges, with funding partners willing to focus on that innovative leadership and take the risk. Yes, focus on the people and ignore the surrounding negativity and hype.

We are all aware of the constraints in attracting private capital flows to markets with low levels of income, small market sizes in some countries, poor international competitiveness, weak domestic private sectors, over traded shrinking markets, undeveloped domestic financial sectors and rudimentary capital markets.

But, think of the great successes in Africa that have happened in the past few years.



Funded by Veritas Botswana, Ibert Pty Ltd built a Biogas Plant in Selebi Phikwe Botswana.

Ibert has a success full track record of building Biogas plants in Africa for generation of electricity and heat ,while reducing carbon foot print and waste problems

Veritas Ibert Biogas Botswana

See below on how we overcome these challenges with innovative funding solutions

How do we overcome these funding challenges? 

By partnering with funding partners like the Veritas Group and SA Guarantees, who are willing take the risk, delivering innovative financial products, managed by people of Africa, who live and breathe the Africa challenges, and supported by highly skilled African service providers like Bluestone Service Group (BSG) to create solutions that overcome those challenges.

How many funders offer innovative funding term sheet that provides;

  • 100% funding with NO personal surety required

  • 8.5% pa fixed interest rate in local currency (no forex challenges)

  • Wide range of projects such as Real Estate Development, Technology & Commercial Business (including acquisitions which is ideal for new entrants in over traded markets )

  • Min USD $ 50Mn (In local currency) per equity bond with the understanding that a bond can consist of several projects to make up the minimum amount on condition that such projects all fall under the same category type.

** Terms and Conditions apply

Please contact us for a full term sheet.

Protecting Funders and Project Owners Investments

Bluestone Service Group has in partnership with funding partners Veritas Group and Escrow Fiduciary Services group SA Guarantee to design a unique ESCROW Fiduciary solution that protects the funders and the project owners or the buyer and the seller(supplier/manufacturer) in these troubling times.

From Advanced Payment GuaranteesDeferred Payment Guarantees, Performance Bonds plus other types of guarantees, we offer a variety of security collateral from AAA+ rated insurance companies that combined with a HSBC London or Mauritius ESCROW Fiduciary account, give investors, funders, buyers and sellers a peace of mind in cross boarder transactions.

"Best Practice" Delivery methods

By combining these innovative funding solutions with "best practice" project delivery, Business Service Management framework,  APQC Business Process Optimisation & re-engineering all based on International standards, frameworks and methodologies and a clear Digital Strategy using state-of-the-art cloud based collaboration tools and apps like Trello, Monday will give you the edge you need. 


Contact us and find how our services can benefit your company.

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