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Solar PV Energy Solutions

Fully Funded Solar PV Energy Solutions

Bluestone Service Group have partnered with leading turnkey energy engineering solution providers, Tier 1 South African based, but SADEC focused Solar PV industry specialist and various debt & equity funders including a high-level European Equity Funder to provide fully financed renewable energy solutions including, but not restricted to, traditional Solar PV and battery storage at highly competitive PPA rates that cater to commercial and industrial markets.

Energy engineering solution providers at a Glance

‘Many pieces, one whole’


Our solutions focus on energy efficiency,

solar PV solutions, electrical engineering

design, carbon measurement / management

and sustainability strategy development.

Other complimentary business units include

real time energy monitoring and management

software, world class energy efficiency products,

an Academy, and accessing tailored financing


BSG in partnership with energy solution providers & supporting funders generally offers three (3) types of solutions for clients but note each transaction is designed deal-by-deal.

  1. Cost security - Grid-tied system: Utility connection + solar

    • The main driver of funding on a cost security basis is the arbitrage opportunity that the implementation of this technology presents.

    • The applicable grid tariff for the site is a key determinant of the feasibility of a project. The higher the tariff, the greater the arbitrage opportunity and the stronger the feasibility.

    • Unless there is a suitable REFIT contract with the utility for a specific site, we don’t recommend systems designed in excess of 60% of your annual load.

  2. Supply security - Off-grid system: Solar + battery + storage

    • Off-grid systems are appealing because the site is 100% self-sustaining with no reliance on the utility.

    • Hybrid systems combine both the concept of off-grid and grid-tied to reduce the peak energy consumption and the impact of interrupted energy supply.

    • Storage solutions generally compete with existing baseload capacity.

    • Feasibility usually fails when trying to justify an off-grid/load shifting solution in the absence of exorbitant downtime costs as battery storage is generally not as economically viable to compete with current utility charges.

  3. Hybrid security - Off-grid system: Solar + battery + storage

Bluestone Services offers two types of solutions;

  • the traditional EPC/CAPEX where the Client/landlord own the assets (Solar PV and supporting equipment) or 

  • the PPA option where TFS finances the solution and your company pays a monthly kW per hr usage tariff that is generally lower than your municipality electricity tariff, with the added bonus of improved energy security of regular electricity supply with limited or no impact during daylight load shedding hrs. If after hrs (night time) energy is required during load shedding then the TFS can offer batteries from their sister company BlueNova


Our Focus  is the Commercial and Industrial (C&I)  market in the Pan-African market

A sample snapshot of a Pan African system commercial proposal (rates vary according to solution type )



Our Solar PV Partners' track record (capability)

BlueSky Venture's approach with regard to Delivery & Maintenance

  • Bluesky Ventures will encourage the use of local resources, but with energy solution provides oversight to maintain standards

  • Energy provides solutions training program to educate local skills in best practice methods

Select here to download a Renewable Energy Solar PV brochure 

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