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Waste to Energy (WtE) or Energy from Waste (EfW)

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One of the largest waste-to-energy (WtE) projects in Africa, the City of Ekurhuleni, a  Metro Municipality issued a IPP Award in 2017 and signed a 33MW Waste to Energy PPA in December 2021

MAHLAMBA NDLOPHU WASTE 2 ENERGY GLOBAL SA CONSORTIUM (PTY) LTD was awarded in early 2017 a 33MW Waste to Energy Independent Power Producers (IPP) Award.


In December 2021 the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was signed.


The terms of the PPA

  • 20 Year Term

  • Plant size 33MW

  • PPA Tariff over 20 years discounted Average 9.7% off the ESKOM Megaflex Tariff


The Consortium is inviting WtE Technology and innovative investors/funders to contact us if they are interested in partnering.

History of Ekurhuleni Tender P-EE 01/2017 Process

In 2017 Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (EMM) awarded Renewable Energy Tenders in the following categories
•    Waste to Energy - 6 Awards between 15MW, 20MW & 33MW totaling 139MW
•    Solar PV – 31 awards between 5MW to 10MW totaling 196MW
•    Fine Coal Gasification – 1 award for 36MW
•    Gas – 6 Awards totaling 189MW
•    KPP – 1 award for 10MW
•    Landfill gas – 1 award for 10MW

Ekurhuleni is a highly rated Municipality - Ekurhuleni's long-term global scale and national scale issuer and debt ratings to Ba3 and to respectively 


Mahlamba Ndlophu Business Enterprises, VMS Engineering, and Waste2Energy Global SA (sister company to Bluestone Service Group) are current shareholders in MAHLAMBA NDLOPHU WASTE 2 ENERGY GLOBAL SA CONSORTIUM (PTY) LTD.

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