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Project Development

Based on international frameworks and standards

Selecting the right renewable energy projects requires careful consideration of several key fundamentals. These fundamentals ensure that projects are viable, sustainable, and profitable, aligning with the interests of all stakeholders, including project owners, debt funders, equity investors, and project developers.

The Key Fundamentals for Renewable Energy Project Selection 

1.    Financial Maturity and Capability of Project Owners

2.    Transparency in Providing Key Data


3.    Resource Availability


4.    Site Selection and Land Acquisition


5.    Regulatory Environment and Permits


6.    Technology and Equipment


7.    Financial Feasibility and Funding Structures


8.    Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)


9.    Off-taker's Financial Capability


10.    Community and Stakeholder Engagement


11.    Environmental and Social Impact

Cloud-based tools/apps for high-level Project Development

Default Renewable Energy mindmap.png

Mind mapping the project to understand key fundmentals

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