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Empowering New Entrant Project Developers

At Bluestone Service Group, we believe in fostering innovation and inclusivity in the renewable energy sector. Our unique funding model is designed to empower new entrant project developers by providing fully funded projects through strategic partnerships with T1 equity and debt partners.

Key Features of Our Funding Model:

T1 Equity and Debt Partnership:

All our projects benefit from strong partnerships with Tier 1 (T1) equity and debt providers. This ensures robust financial backing, credibility, and support throughout the project lifecycle.

Fully Funded Projects:

We are committed to removing financial barriers for new entrant project developers. Every project undertaken by [Your Company Name] is fully funded through a combination of T1 equity and debt, providing a secure financial foundation for success.

Free Carry Equity for New Entrants:

Our funding model goes beyond conventional approaches. New entrant project developers partnering with us enjoy the advantage of free carry equity, allowing them to participate in project profits without upfront financial contributions.

Risk Mitigation and Shared Success:

By leveraging the strength of T1 equity and debt partners, we effectively mitigate financial risks associated with project development. This collaborative approach ensures that success is shared among all stakeholders.

How It Works:

Application and Assessment:

New entrant project developers can submit their project proposals to [Your Company Name]. Our team assesses the feasibility and potential impact of each project.

Partnership Agreement:

Upon approval, a partnership agreement is established between [Your Company Name], T1 equity partners, and debt providers. This agreement outlines the financial terms and commitments for the project.

Fully Funded Project Development:

The project is initiated with full financial backing from T1 equity and debt partners, covering all development costs, construction expenses, and operational requirements.

Free Carry Equity for New Entrants:

New entrant project developers become equity participants in the project without the burden of upfront financial contributions. As the project succeeds, they share in the profits through free carry equity.

Join Us in Transforming the Renewable Energy Landscape

At Bluestone Service Group, we believe in creating opportunities for aspiring project developers to contribute to the renewable energy revolution. Our fully funded projects, supported by T1 equity and debt partners, ensure that financial constraints are not a barrier to innovation.

Are you a new entrant looking to bring your renewable energy project to life? Contact us to explore how our funding model can empower your vision and drive sustainable success.


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