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Waste to Energy (WtE) or Energy from Waste (EfW)

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One of the largest Solar PV Independent Power Producers (IPP) Award projects in Africa, the City of Ekurhuleni, a  Metro Municipality signed a 31 Solar PV IPP Awards PPA's ranging from 5MW to 10MW  with signed PPA's in December 2021

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Bluestone Service Group with BSG partners signed MOUs with 6 Solar PV IPP Awards totaling 55MW (5 x 10MW & 1 x 5MW) in March 2022.  

The terms of the PPA

  • 20 Year Term

  • Plant size 5MW to 10MW

  • PPA Tariff over 20 years discounted Average 9.7% off the ESKOM Megaflex Tariff


Project Status

  • Signed PPA (updated from REIPP Round 2 to latest REIPP round)

  • Currently completing due diligence to reach financial close mid-March 2024

Installation Types

A mixture of rooftop and single axis tracked Solar PV

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