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Our Projects

This is a sample list of a few of our diverse projects.  It shows projects where we are project owners, a sample of delivered projects, and projects we are developing on behalf of our Clients.

Projects Delivered 

643kWp Solar PV C&I

Delivered a combined rooftop Solar PV hybrid with generator integration to a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Cape Town across multiple roof structures in a high complex due to strict refrigeration demands allowing no margin of error 

2467kWp PV C&I

Delivered a combined roof & ground mount Solar PV hybrid with generator integration to an industrial company focussed on the global hygiene market, offering an innovative array of ultra-lightweight non-woven spunmelt materials tailored for personal hygiene, healthcare, and industrial applications

846kWp Solar PV Small Retail

Delivered a combined rooftop Solar PV hybrid with generator integration to a small shopping center in Northern Cape with futher development in possible buyback, increased Solar PV capacity, conversion to BOO/PPA and additional leased BESS.

Projects under Development 

33MW WtE IPP in Ekurhuleni

As Project Owners, we were awarded an Independent Power Producers award in 2017 by the City of Ekurhueni, South Africa, and received our signed Power Purchase agreement in December 2021. We are currently engaging with technology suppliers,  financiers, and WtE Consulting firms to implement a bankable feasibility study.

Ekurhuleni Solar PV 5MW - 10MW IPP Awards in Development

Co-developers with 6 IPP Awardees & our Equity financiers.

75MW Solar PV wheeled via ESKOM to Energy Brokers & C&I Clients

A Complex hybrid 75MW Solar PV wheeled across ESKOM transmission networks with signed Generation Term Sheets  .

Projects under Development cont/d

EnergNEST Hysbrid Wind & Solar PV project in Cape Town

One of the current clients has already installed Solar PV, but energy demand 1.5MW currently outstrips supply @  500kWp +. Client is piloting the EnergyNEST on buildings not suited to solar PV and if EnergyNEST successful, will implement EnergyNEST on other builds not suited to solar PV and may include retrofitting on buildings with solar PV already implemented.

Further information will be published in due course

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