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Bluestone Service Group (South Africa) and BlueSky Ventures Limited (Mauritius) provide innovative funding solutions and with our partner's design, build, operate, fund, and sometimes own core energy solutions in Africa and other territories. We provide renewable energy solutions like solar and battery that cater to commercial and industrial markets.


Our BOOM (Build Own Operate and Maintain) solutions provide clients with dependable, cost-effective, and sustainable energy solutions. No up-front capital is required. This has additional benefits of freeing up capital to grow their businesses and remove utility assets off-balance sheets.


The Management Team



  • Managing Partner Bluestone Service Group 

  • Managing Partner Waste2Energy Global SA 

  • Director Bluesky Ventures Limited (Mauritius)

WhatsApp +27 82 387-7140

Managing partner of Bluestone Service Group best practice consulting, specialised funding and large project development company, is also a “baby boomer” having entered the digital age at an early stage in his mid 20’s and never looked back. His early adoption and education in some of the greatest digital technology schools of that era, namely IBM, XEROX and Olivetti, enabled him to program, design networks, websites, learn how to collaborate, with dispersed colleagues, understand the importance of business processes, people and technology and work remotely at an early stage.


Colin embraces change, and understands the need and urgency to adopt clean energy, and stays connected and educated at the forefront of the new generation of innovative renewable energy technologies.


He has been schooled in “best practices” International standards and frameworks and utilises these “best practices” in the way he works and communicates.


His core specialty is helping clients understand their challenges and developing holistic solutions that remediate those challenges using those “best practices” international standard & frameworks. 


Previously, Managing Director of Quintica Middle East from 2005 – 2011 and was based in the Middle East for 9 years with specific responsibility for the increasingly important domain of implementing good governance using international standards and frameworks in high profile customers throughout the Middle East. A few of the major customers were TATWEER (Dubai) previous holding company for Dubailand http://www.tatweer.ae (www.dubailand.ae), TDIC (Abu Dhabi www.tdic.ae) whose focus were tourism, hospitality and property development and Abu Dhabi Motorsports Management (www.yasmarinacircuit.com). His role in defining how Service Management (ISO20000), Quality Management (EFQM) and APQC Business Process Framework interrelate and compliment each other has shown major interest in all camps. 


After years with Anglo America, IBM and Rank Xerox in South Africa, Colin created the Service Management Service Group in early 2000’s in South Africa and Dubai, UAE and transitioning it into QUINTICA Middle East in 2005 and during his tenure with QUINTICA’s, he was instrumental in setting and expanding Quintica Group with entities in UK, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana & UAE (Group HQ) as an operational Group Director

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  • Managing Director Bluesky Ventures Limited (Mauritius)

  • Managing Director Redsky Limited

WhatsApp +23 ‭‭‭(054) 981-349

Murray has a long track record of experience in the real estate and finance sectors – having completed projects in 22 countries to date, across 5 continents. He is a high achieving, results-oriented Entrepreneur with over 30 years of global practice and a broad spectrum of knowledge in finance and funding together with extensive history in residential, retail, leisure and hospitality developments.


Some of his key achievements have been: -


  • As the CEO of BlueLife Ltd., he successfully transitioned it from a privately held company with an initial investment of USD 50 million to Publicly Listed with stock market value of USD 210 million in three years.

  • Completed a series of investment fundings in the hospitality, energy and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Master Planning, launch and delivery of Azuri in Mauritius (www.azuri.mu ) - the fastest selling, and largest development of its kind; delivered through the last economic downturn.

  • Winner of nine International Property Awards – including Best Residential Project in Africa 2014

  • Established international chain of project management teams in 12 countries in a Warner Bros partnership.

  • In his career he has undertaken management of Property Portfolios with end value in excess of $3 billion US.

  • He holds an MBA and has successfully concluded the executive training programme at Harvard University.