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Our Partners

These are our T1 partners who help us deliver services and technology for our projects in the Renewable Energy domain 

Our Service Partners

ENS Africa

ENS Africa deliver core key services such as red flag due diligence, project development agreements , project funding and financing Agreements and Security Documents plus others non core services environmental law, labour law, tax and exchange control advice

HyFi Corp USA & SA

HyFi is a new type of renewable energy development company which combines the practical mobilization of projects, developing and helping to finance their construction, and in some cases owning and arranging operations. We prefer to work with Sovereign bodies and leading companies particularly in Developing Economies where a competency in architecting a bankable project from inception is essential and mastery over the actual project deliverables is equally as important..

ix engineers

iX Engineers is a proudly South African engineering design and consulting firm that focuses on six key market sectors Smart Cities, Mining, Water & Sanitation, Transport and Energy especially EnergyNEST

Our EPC Services & Product

Terra Firma Solutions

A leading turnkey energy engineering solution provider delivering T1 Solar PV and Li-Ion Battery Energy Storage Solutions (BESS).

Ambri Long Duration Energy Storage Solution

The Ambri battery platform is a ready-to-install DC containerized liquid metal battery energy storage solution (BESS), complete with shelves of cells, thermal management, weatherproof outer enclosure, and a battery management system (BMS) for applications that require high energy capacity, frequent cycling, long life and high efficiency.

Babcock & Wilcox WtE

B&W provides two options when using waste as a combustion fuel. Mass-burning municipal solid waste (MSW) uses the refuse in its as-received, unprepared state. The second technique uses prepared refuse, or refuse-derived fuel (RDF), where the as-received refuse is first separated, classified and reclaimed in various ways to yield salable or otherwise recyclable products. The remaining material is prepared for firing in the boiler.

Our Project Equity Partners

ANUVA Investments
Anuva Green Energy (AGE)

As a company dedicated to creating prosperity for our investors via tax-leveraged investments into feasible, qualifying projects, our new Anuva Green Energy (AGE) investment provides a unique opportunity to leverage the power of tax-based investing for our clients

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