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Combined approach - Best Practice APQC Business Processes and Trello

A quick start to digitisation would be to integration of the 13 APQC Business processes into the Trello cloud based collaboration tool to allow for full collaboration with your executive team.

Collaboration is how teams work together to achieve common goals. By mastering the skill of team play, you can solve problems quicker, learn together, and apply critical analysis to tough problems. 

The popularity of Trello, it is that it is a very easy to use, highly visual tool that allows people to get themselves organized and work effectively, and without a lot of effort it can bring other people into their circle to work on various types of projects.


Combined approach - Best Practice APQC Business Processes and Trello

APQC 13 Businss Process 41KB.jpg


By combining a digital strategy and best practice APQC business process you get a rapid understanding of priorities and how to assign responsibilities

In this example we have combine the 12 APQC Business Process into a Trello cloud based collaborate tool.

This approach gives your business the flexibility to easily;

  • prioritise your key business processes. Some business process may be working already, but some may have been missed. By listing all the key business processes it gives a holistic view of your business and allows you to identify those processes you do well, those processes that need attention and those key missing processes that have been ignored and are beginning to hurt the business.

  • allocate Roles & Responsibilities (RACI) (see explanation of RACI) to each process and balance the load between your teams. See sample Marketing Department - Roles & Responsibilities below

  • high level management of initiatives & projects

The two images below show the full 12 APQC business processes enabled in a Trello cloud app. 

Key business process in Trello will be replaced by there Tools/Apps like Salesforce for example;

  • APQC Level 1 - Category key process: 3.0 Market and Sell Products and Services 

  • APQC Level 2 - Process Group - 3.5 Develop and manage sales plans

  • APQC Level 3 - Process - 3.5.1 Manage leads/opportunities…….

  • APQC Level 4 - Activity - -

  • APQC Level 5 - Task - Perform sales calls………

…… denotes other process, activities and tasks included in the tools.

Trello collaboration app showing first six (6) of the 13 APQC key Business Processes

Trello APQC Main Board p1.png

Trello collaboration app showing second seven (7) of the 13 APQC key Business Processes

Trello APQC Main Board p2.png

Marketing Department - Roles & Responsibilities - balance the load

Marketing Dep Roles & Responsibilities.p
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