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Our Partners

These are our T1 partners who help us deliver our projects in the Renewable Energy domain 

Terra Firma Solutions (TFS) logo.png

Solar PV & Batteries solutions

A leading turnkey energy engineering solution provider delivering T1 Solar PV and Battery solutions

Solar PV Funding

Without power, there is no industry.
Without industry, there is no workforce.

To be the leader in Africa in terms of developing clean, cost-effective, reliable energy solutions for corporate off-takers in Africa

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Waste-to-Energy Solutions (large scale)

B&W provides two options when using waste as a combustion fuel. Mass-burning municipal solid waste (MSW) uses the refuse in its as-received, unprepared state. The second technique uses prepared refuse, or refuse-derived fuel (RDF), where the as-received refuse is first separated, classified and reclaimed in various ways to yield salable or otherwise recyclable products. The remaining material is prepared for firing in the boiler.

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