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Working Together


Bluestone & BlueSky has partnered with innovative equity and/or debt funding partners to provide Fully Funded Solar PV and Battery (BESS) PPA solutions

Key aspects of the PPA model


  • Focus on Commercial & Industrial (C&I) viable and sustainable clients ONLY

  • Minimum size project 250kWp plus 

  • In this model, there is zero upfront cost by the client.

  • Quotes in South Africa in ZAR, but in the rest of Africa quotes in USD

  • In certain high-risk African countries where USD is in short supply then payments from outside of those countries in USD must be guaranteed. Generally, those commercial and industrial International companies/corporates or companies that export are the targetted clients.

  • Terms included in the PPA model (dependent on Country RISK):

    • PPA tariff rates from (ZAR/kWh) from  or R0.833/kWh (55.4% Discount)

    • Escalations:  6% ZAR

    • Term: 15, 20, or 25 years


The decision to accept a Solar PV project will take a maximum of two weeks. 

In order for us to make a decision regarding your project, we require the following:


  1. Year supply of Electricity bills/invoices/statements 

  2. Company Profile 

  3. Audited Financial Reports (company must be sustainable for the period of the term)

  4. Due Diligence List of Information once client accepts quote


Legal due diligence list of information required for Applicants seeking funding 


1. Corporate Information 

1.1. CIPC Certificate of Incorporation 

1.2. Memorandum of Incorporation 

1.3. Share register confirming list of shareholders and shares held 

1.4. Copies of share certificates issued to shareholders 

1.5. Tax Clearance Certificate; and Outstanding 

1.6. Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (FICA) Documents 

1.6.1. Individual. Copy of ID document (SA Citizens) 

1.6.2. Proof of address less than three months old (for example utility bill) 

1.6.3. Bank statement with address 


2. Governance Structure 

2.1. Board composition (list of directors, board committees, copies of Identity Documents); and 

2.2. Shareholders Agreement 


3. Management Structure 

3.1. Organogram of management (roles & responsibilities) 

3.2. CV’s / Resume 

3.3. Management contracts (restraints of trade/register of interest)

3.4 Company Secretary details and CV and Copy of Identity Document 


4. Contractual Obligations 

All agreements to which the company is a party such as those relating to sale and supply of goods and services, leased premises, employment, loans, consultancy, licensing, technology transfer, and the like. 


5. Regulatory framework 

5.1. Laws and regulations applicable to the business/product or technology; and 

5.2. Regulatory approval (permits, licenses, authorizations certificates, and notifications). 


6. Pending or threatened litigation 

6.1. Details of any litigation, arbitration, investigations, pending or threatened action by or against the applicant; and 

6.2. Details of all awards, settlement, or arrangements


7. Auditors Financial Statements (Not required if the applicant is newly established entity)

7.1 Audited and Signed Financial Statements for the past three years on all companies involved.

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