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Bluestone has partnered with SA Guarantee for issuing of Bonds & Guarantee, and Escrow Services to protect investors funds.

Partnering with SA Guarantee Ltd (Seychelles) a registered Cell Captive with Mutual & Federal Risk Financing Limited, which is 100% owned subsidiary of Old Mutual Insure, with Old Mutual Insure 100% owned subsidiary of Old Mutual Group which is listed on London Stock Exchange (LSE)  (Fitch Rating: AAA with stable outlook) .



* This is an insurance product and not a Deferred acquisition of Bank instruments (BG’s/SBLC’s)


The products shown above are all insurance company guarantees in South Africa, and only two institutions may issue guarantee Banks & Insurance companies. In South Africa there is no distinction by our courts of a guarantee issued by a bank or insurance company, it’s deemed as exactly the same


Escrow Services - We have fiduciary accounts setup with our attorneys in Europe and held at Barclays, HSBC, and EFG Bank


SAG European Escrow Accounts can deal with:

- Complex structures - Very large funds being SWIFT in and out of the account

- Certain types of financial instruments

- Multiple Currencies: USD, EUR, GDP



The buyer deposits the full contract price into the US$/EURO Escrow Account – HSBC

  1. Advance Payment Guarantee is issued to the buyer and their Bank/Funders as security

  2. Performance Bond is issued to the buyer

  3. Escrow account agreement is signed

  4. Not subject to US$ shortages which frequently occur in Africa

  5. Funds are only released against milestones being verified and attained with payment

  6. instructions signed by the supplier, the buyer and SA Guarantee as Escrow Agent

  7. Representative of the buyer sign progress certificate confirming the milestones. The representative can be a Quantity Surveyor, Bureau Veritas, SGS or similar

  8. Funds are retained in US$ and only converted to ZAR (for South African transactions) upon verification of a milestone 

The Supplier benefits are

  • Knowledge that the full contract sum is in South Africa and under control of reputable Insurance Company

  • US$ Shortages will not be a factor or result in delays

  • Can manufacture at maximum efficiency and productivity

  • Milestone payments are received within 48 hours upon the completion of a milestone having been verified


What is an Advance Payment Guarantee?

When an Employer agrees to give the Contractor money upfront to pay sub-contractors to complete the project.  Advance Payment Guarantees are designed to protect the sub-contractors and the Employer should the Contractor suddenly go bankrupt.
We offer affordable and flexible Advance Payment Guarantees, with solutions for all segments of the civil & construction industry – from the small bakkie-builder, right up to large, national companies.

The Advanced Payment Guarantee (APG) is named as such because it's a payment for the guarantee in advance before the product is actually manufactured and delivered, it's defined as an Advanced Payment Guarantee which is purely a product name. 


What is a Performance Guarantee?

Building contractors are often required to provide Performance Guarantees after being awarded a contract. Performance Guarantees provide the Employer with security should the Contractor not perform his obligations or complete the work, as agreed, in the construction Contract.
We offer affordable & flexible Performance Guarantees, with solutions for all segments of the civil & construction industry – from the small bakkie-builder, right up to large, national companies.


What is a Deferred Payment Guarantee?

A Deferred Payment Guarantee (DPG) is a is a standby credit guarantee for a payment which has been deferred or postponed.

This is a payment guarantee issued to your exporter for deferred or time payment of the goods, and corresponding interest.

The Guarantor undertakes to pay your exporter in the event you are unable to pay the principal and interest as scheduled in the contract. 

Compared to payment guarantee, this service can delay payment and increase the payment frequency.